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Welcome To Pomona

Pomona was founded in 2008 and is now one of the largest pomegranate projects in the Southern Hemisphere. Since planting the initial 20 hectares in 2008, the business has grown to over 100 hectares in just 4 years. At full carrying capacity we will produce 3000 metric tons of export quality fruit. As we are located in the Southern Hemisphere, we harvest our fruit between February and April each year.

We currently supply pomegranates across the globe, including Canada, the Middle East as well as the Far East and the rest of Africa. Please visit our contacts page if you would like more information on sourcing Pomegranates from us

Health Benefits

Globally, pomegranates are currently the 18th most consumed fruit. Pomegranates are very high in anti-oxidents as well as vitamins and minerals and are currently being researched by many companies around the world that are trying to find out more about this “super fruit”...